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How ZitaSMS Work with Zal Pro ISP Managment System.

Free SMS API for Zal Pro ISP CRM

Zal Pro is an Awesome ISP CRM At Affordable Price With Tons Of Features. Manage Your ISP Business More Efficiently Than Ever Before. Enjoy A Hassle Free Business Experience With Zal Pro.

ZitaSMS API is supported for Zal Paro ISP management System. Here is the SMS API installation guied.

Following Features will be avaialable at Zal Pro with Our SMS API

  • Zal Pro New Account Activation SMS
  • Zal Pro New Account Activation Verification Code
  • Zal Pro Billing SMS
  • Zal Pro Password Recovery SMS

  • Step 1:

    copy the following code and replace your API Key and devices. as you see in picture.{phone}&&message={message}&devices=103type=sms&prioritize=0
    Find Your API Key and Device Number by login to the Zita SMS account.
    Step 2:

    Now login to the Zal Pro Admin Dashboard.

    Step 3:

    Go to the Settings then click on SMS & Email Settings

    Step 4:

    Select Local - Any SMS API

    Step 5:

    paste your copied code into the Local SMS User/API box as shoen in the picture.

    ZitaSMS - Zal Pro SMS Configuration

    Step 6:

    Click on Submit botton

    if you have any difficulty just contact us we will do everything for you